Photographer, and all around eccentric person who is a movie buff and enjoys shooting timelapse and exploring different aspects of photography in an attempt to further my knowledge and abilities.

A big fan of doing practical, in camera effects and solutions while shooting anything. A nerd for the technical and science side of photography and understanding how using them can create a desired effect.

I do find that non-visible light shooting (Infrared & Ultraviolet) has been my primary focus the last few years. As well as time manipulation via time-lapse, long exposures to blur or change action, or very short exposures to freeze action.

I shot with a variety of system depending on what I am doing or if I am travelling light.

Some of the systems I use are:

Nikon DX, Nikon FX, Infrared Modified Nikon DX

Panasonic Micro 4/3 for Video, Stills, and Infrared.

The odd Canon Point & Shoot or my iPhone as a carry everywhere camera.

Film Bodies for 35mm, 6x6 and 6x7.